Our People

Brian Schardt

Brian Schardt is the founder of Catholic Funder and is currently finishing up his last semester at Thomas Aquinas College. He began to think of Catholic fundraising while working for the Napa Institute, which is a Catholic Conference aimed at connecting Catholic organizations with possible donors. It became evident that these Catholic Organizations can also benefit from an online platform to supplement their fundraising efforts


Giorgio Navarini

Giorgio Navarini is a project manager for Catholic Funder. He began his support for Catholic causes at an early age and found he had a deep passion to help them. In high school, he began by assisting pro-life groups in street evangelization. Currently, as a musician, he has directed over three Christmas flash mobs hoping to evangelize onlookers by the beauty of Christmas carols. He hopes to find more alternate ways of evangelization and meet the culture at its needs.


Brice Sokolowski

Brice is the founder and director of catholicfundraiser.net, an online Catholic fundraising training programme. He has raised over $10m for faith-based organizations, and he is situated in London, England. He strives to help Catholics raise large sums of money and show fellow christians to follow their vocations to spread Christ's message. As Saint Paul says, “This may be a wicked age, but your lives should redeem it.” (Letter to the Ephesians 5:16).

Peter LaFave

Peter LaFave runs public outreach and development for Catholic Funder. He is a contributing editor at The Christian Review and passionate about politics, Catholicism, and the new evangelization. Follow him on Twitter at @PeterLaFave