Latin Summer School at Ealing Abbey

I am seeking financial assistance to learn Latin for the benefit both of my studies and of my future vocation as a priest.

Tyler Dickinson Education March 10, 2016 at 9:52 pm
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Project Description

Dear friends,

My name is Tyler Dickinson, and I am an American studying canon law at the Catholic University of Leuven in Belgium. I am very blessed to have been able to spend three years here, and now I am beseeching your charity and generosity to help me continue in my formation.

A little bit about me: I am a former seminarian from the Diocese of Madison, Wisconsin, USA. For my first year of formation, I was sent to the American College of the Immaculate Conception in Leuven (Louvain), Belgium, and I earned my Master of Arts degree in philosophy. I was then sent to the Saint Paul Seminary School of Divinity in Saint Paul, Minnesota, where I completed two years of theology formation. In 2013, I took a break from formation to continue discernment and intellectual formation back in Leuven. Upon returning to Belgium, I became involved with the Sint-Kwinten English Speaking Community, for which I am now the Master of Ceremonies and the Coordinator of Servers, and I also have been helping to organize the liturgy for Nightfever-Leuven (find out more about Nightfever here). It has been such an incredible blessing and has been so fulfilling to be able to take an active role in renewing and supporting liturgical, spiritual, and faith life here in Leuven, where the Church is so much in need of the new evangelization.

In 2015, I switched my course of study from philosophy to canon law. I am presently enrolled in the Master of Arts in Society, Law, and Religion in the Faculty of Canon Law, and under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Lynda Robitaille, a preeminent and prolific canonist, I am researching the effect of ignorance on the validity of marriage consent. After completing this one-year program, I intend to follow the subsequent two-year Master of Arts in Canon Law, which also awards the Juris Canonici Licentiatus, or the Licentiate in Canon Law, an ecclesiastical degree invaluable for work in a church tribunal.

I have not given up on my vocation, however! I am still hanging on to the call God sent me, and I look forward to returning to formation for the priesthood after completing my canon law program. More about this will come in a future campaign.

This present campaign is particularly looking to help me raise the funds to study Latin this summer at the Liturgy Institute at Ealing Abbey in London. (The video at the top of this page features the authors of the curriculum–Fr. Reginaldus Thomas Foster, OCD, from Milwaukee, WI, was the personal Latin secretary for four popes (Paul VI through Benedict XVI); and Fr. Daniel Patricius McCarthy, OSB, is a monk from St. Benedict’s Abbey in Atchison, KS, and a professor at the Liturgical Institute and a visiting professor at KU Leuven–discussing the importance of Latin and the curriculum they have developed.) Latin is not only essential for the study of canon law, but it is also a prerequisite for the JCL. (Not to mention, it is invaluable for Catholic priests to have a working knowledge of liturgical and canonical Latin!) But, as in all things, I am entirely dependent on the charity and goodwill of others, so I turn to you and ask for your support this summer.

The cost breakdown for the Latin Summer School:

Tuition: £240

Room and Board: £35/night for 14 nights = £490

Return transportation between Brussels and London: £100

Incidentals: ~£170

Total: £1000 = ~$1,500

Friends, thank you so much for considering helping me attend the Latin program this summer. Even the smallest gift matters, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your generosity. If you would like to send me your prayer requests, I will include them in my prayers during the Latin program, and I will leave them confidentially with the monks at Ealing Abbey, asking them to pray for your intentions as well. You can send prayer requests to: prayers.tjwd (at) (or click here).

In the case that this campaign raises more than the goal amount, or if the funds raised exceed what is necessary for the summer program, the excess will be applied to continuing my canon law studies in Leuven.

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